the okavango delta seen from a plane, land masses mixed with water and waterways
two male lions lie together in the yellow grass in south africa
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Uncover the Secrets of Fur and Foliage!

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Hey there, nature nerds and fresh-air fiends!
Welcome to Discover Parks & Wildlife, the only site you’ll need to become an uber outdoor explorer. Looking for epic trails that’ll give your hiking boots a reason to live? Dreaming about parks so pretty, they’ll make your phone’s camera weep with joy? Or perhaps you’re itching to spy on wildlife without becoming a snack—yeah, we’ve got the inside scoop on that, too. Strap on your binoculars and let’s hunt down Mother Nature’s greatest hits and turn those daydreams into “been there, done that” stories!

Meet Your Hosts

Jenny & John

Welcome in wanderlusters and occasional park loungers! I’m Jenny, and the man who’s managed to keep up with me is none other than John. We’re an unstoppable globe-trotting tag team, rocking a collective three decades of globe-trotting shenanigans. We’ve zigzagged across more map dots than there are quirky bumper stickers on a vintage VW bus, snagging wild travel tips and tricks like they’re going out of style.

Discover Parks & Wildlife: jenny and john standing in front of live oaks with spanish moss as far as the eye can see on both sides of the road behind them

A Tapestry of Thrilling Experiences

Our adventurous souls have frolicked amongst Jasper’s majestic elk herds and basked in the steamy applause of Yellowstone’s geyser groupies. Oh, and those lions in Kruger? Practically begging for a fist bump – or, you know, a mortally dangerous cuddle.
Crave the untamed? Fancy a gallery of “Wish you were here!” snapshots? Or aspire to dodge being a mobile snack for Yogi Bear’s cousin?
Then cling to our coattails!
Picture us as your VIP pass to a first-class, all-you-can-meet buffet of Mother Nature’s wildest offerings – no frequent flyer points necessary. Strap in; we’re about to crank your wanderlust up to a whole new level of wow!

Exploring Nature’s Best Kept Secrets

Regional & National Treasures Uncovered

Embark on a whimsical odyssey to snoop out spots so secret,
not even Google Maps can spoil the surprise!

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